“The Betrayer” is an RPG adventure written to run under the KQlives engine. KQthebetrayer is a standalone game and is completely separate from mainline KQlives. It is based in the same world as the Virtual Kingdoms fantasy world building project.

KQtheBetrayer is a free game released under the Gnu Public License v2. “The Betrayer” features over 14 original maps to explore. The tilesets have been updated with around 30 more tiles than the classic KQLives.

Release plan
Will be done when its done. Hopefully sometime before never.

In a land surrounded by the vastness of oceania there were three kingdoms, that of Akanthos, Diduma, and Krayiet. After a brutal war the king of Diduma was captured by the forces of Akanthos. The kingdom of Diduma was then placed under their rule. You are Corin, the son of a tailor in the conquered town of Maldon, Diduma.

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The hero, Corin dismayed at his lot in life. Explore deep caverns Encounter different races and peoples in your adventures

KQ the Betrayer is a FLOSS RPG that is in current development by Virtual Kingdoms.

Download and Installation
Developers Info

Project Page
Sourceforge Project Page

Version 0.2.7 has been released you can get it on the project download page.

If you want to try the very latest version you can always download it with subversion.
svn co https://kqthebetrayer.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/kqthebetrayer/trunk
But be warned it is the development version for a reason.

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