Shrike's Potatos; Unusually Deranged

(Shrike's Potatos; Unusually Deranged)

Inzane Potato Museum

This is my own Ktuberling page, and it is also the best ktuberling site on the web. : ) The spuds are in order (mostly) of when I did them. Quite a few were done in a single day or at least within a couple of days of each other, (from Businessman to Frankentuber were done within 6 days) after these intense spurts I often don't touch the game again for months at a time. It's usually boredom that drives me to it and I quit because I run out of ideas. Several times after creating some of my better tuberlings then either z9484 or eremite suggested I fiddle around with Gimp instead. Although I have done a little with it I prefer to use Ktuberling because its limitations drive me to be more creative and accomplish more than at first seems possible. Other people just do not seem to understand the intresting things you can make with this unique program.

Thankyou Z9484 for the space for this website. And Thankyou eremite for showing me how to make this website. Thanks to for the background. And Many Thanks to Eric Bischoff and John Calhoun for developing and designing this pointless but entertaining game.

This is the basic ktuberling "playground." I have used it in all of my Inzane Potatos but I have tried out the other "playgrounds." I prefer the basic one because it has the most pieces, including the very useful eyeball and eyebrows.

This "playground" is cooler than the potato (after all it has Tux) and has some cool pieces, like what seems to be a little Chinese hat. Unfortunately it doesn't have very many pieces.

The aquarium is cool too but the pieces are extremely limited. What would be cool is if you could use the pieces from all the "playgrounds" in any picture you wanted to use it in.

Now, on to the Inzane Tubers!

The Watch Salesman

My very first inzane spud. It was created while I was playing with some other kids. Although it did not truly awe them Z9484 found it cool, after multiple times of remaking it to show diffrent people, in various degrees of workmanship, (not realizing there was a save feature DUH) he showed me how to save it and even sent it into The Potato Museum. As a side note this is my only tuber that is smoking, but he is a shady character. (Before March 2005)

The Ventriloquist

My very second attempt at inzane tuberlings, I saved this puppet and puppeteer although neither Z9484 or I felt it displayed the same brilliance as the original Watch Salesman. (Before March 2005)

The Businessman

After completing this one I forgot to save it so I had to remake him. He looks basically the same. (March 19, 2005)

The Ballgown

The first of my female spuds, because of the difficulty of not having any hair (let alone feminine hair), I have very few female taters. (March 19, 2005)


This tater is rather simple (at least in relations to The Businessman or The Dragon) and fun although not my favorite. I tried to create the look of a tiger, my favorite animal, and somewhat succeeded with the help of alot of eyebrows and a couple of interestingly placed eyes. (March 20, 2005)

The HoneyTree

This was my first none potato caricature. I wanted to make the tater into something other than a person and when I discovered that a shoelace and an earring make a good bee, I made the spud into a beehive. (March 20, 2005)

Fly Away

I really like this spud it is so simple but it is almost elegant in its simplicity, if you can call a potato elegant. (March 22, 2005)

The Ninja

When I thought up this idea I started to once again cover my new potato in black, when Z9484 saw me at it he kindly suggested I just take the Businessman and remove his glasses and tie. Then I would only have to do the top, that was very nice of him, the only problem is that parts of the black are almost identical. (March 22, 2005)


I was wondering whether this tuber was up to the top quality I expect from my other spuds (I had even researched Frankenstein on Google Images to find some way to improve it so it had all the important features of the real Frankenstein) when z9484 suggested I call it Frankentuber, with that idea we decided it could join the ranks as a top tuberling with a cool name. (March 24, 2005)


Like Frankentuber, Jailspud is more exciting because of its name, a pun (is that the right word) on the term jailbird. (April 21, 2005)

The Beach

The sun peaks from behind an umbrella which shades a small family. After randomly putting a hat on a pigsnout I discovered it made a quaint head (in my opinion) thus with some help from eremite I decided on a beach background. The sun's sole purpose is to block out the rest of Mr. Potato-Head. (July 26, 2005)

Sir Spud

After looking through the tuberling museum that comes with the game and some of my own spuds I realized that Mr. Potato-Head's left arm was in the perfect position to hold a shield. I then decided to make a noble knight to hold my shield (if you can call a potato noble as well as elegant). Too bad his right hand is ill positioned to hold a sword. This tuber started my small collection of medival based spuds. (July 27, 2005)

The Mage

Originally I was going to outline this spud's robes in black but after quickly setting up everything I decided it was fine how it was so I left it alone. So many of my other tuberlings seem to use too much black. Hence I made this tater with robes of blue noses, and refrained from outlining them in black, or maybe it was just because I was lazy. (July 27, 2005)

The Dragon

Strangely enough with this tuber I was reading a book but I kept phasing out to think about how I would make this dragon work, when I finished the chapter I hurried down stairs to make a masterpiece. Actually the trickiest part of this tuberling was hiding the tuber from sight which I finally succeeded in doing by making a mountain range out of moustaches (are those moustaches or hair? I've never figured it out) and cigars. (July 27, 2005)

The World

The world was another try to make something other than a person (which I only partially succeeded at, notice the appendages and smile) and it took some research too. I looked on Google Images for globes and with its help I was able to make an adequate world with Africa and the tip of Europe on top. (July 28, 2005)

The Ballerina

After experimenting on several other spuds (not cool enough to end up here) I finally made a potato where the gaudy looking layered badges were appropriate. With this ballerina I redid her dress multiple times but I always prefered the original. I did play around with her feet and the stage, which did continue to upgrade. (August 2, 2005)


I decided to make a potato sheriff after looking through the objects and noticing the sheriff's badge. I figured if there was a sheriff's badge there should also be a Sheriff. Thus this tuberling was created out of blue noses and cigars. (August 3, 2005)


I had wanted to do this idea for a long time and had attempted it several times with little success, but on this final attempt it was at least recognizable as a baby bird hatching, although it is still not particularly good. This is my first attempt at using the brown eyes as anything but eyes,but I wanted the tree to have a different shade than the nest. (September 18, 2005)

Santa Spud

I decided to make this Spud because it seemed applicable for the Christmas season. I first made Santa Spud, but then I decided that a sunny background with a flower was not a very relevant background so the next day I remade it, putting the tree, snowy ground, and small snowman in it and then making Santa Spud again. I debated between using the red hat or the lips for this tuber's suit but decided on using the lips because although it gives the suit a slightly fuzzy edge it doesn't have thick black lines through it. (December 11, 2005)


This idea I got from the one of the kids that wasn't overly excited about my Watch Salesman. She made her spud yellow with rough black stripes and called it a bee. I liked the basic idea so I ended up creating Buzzin' with his compound eyes, and a pretty flower. I had some trouble with his wings. I thought it would be cool to have slightly transparent wings using the eye glasses but I couldn't figure out how to make it look right. Eventually I just settled for the eyebrow outlined wings. (April 2, 2006)

Uncle Spud

The idea for this spud came from my plans for Buzzin'. I was drawing it with the stripes and such and I suddenly thought that they looked a little like the stars and stripes. And I guess the rest is history... Actually I think he looks better when looked at far a way. (April 2, 2006)


I made this potatoe the day after school ended. Just in case anyone was questioning my sanity, I did load buisnessman and then added the sides of the robe instead of doing it all from scratch. (June 16, 2006)

The Lilly

This is another "impressionistic" spud picture. It is not spectacular, and some people thought it was a nest with eggs, but I decided to include it anyway. (June 16, 2006)

A Spudlit Night

This might be my favorite spud. I thought of the idea but then realized I would have to have some color for the background, preferably a grey. Thus I started experimenting with the pig snout. First I layered them exactly but after a while I got lazy and just put them around. Then I started with the couple. I was just seeing how it looked, originally they were going to be much bigger, but I liked them so much how they were I just left them and then I had to do the entire pigsnout background again... but I guess it was worth it because I really enjoy the effect. (June 16, 2006)


For quite a while I was slightly intimidated by Spudlit Night, so I wanted to do something really interesting before I made another spud. I had been thinking about a double screen piece for quite a while so I finally tried it out. Actually I tried doing a castle and then a boat before I settled on the lighthouse. Originally I was going to leave the sky alone but then I realized if I did it would have grass, sky, grass again, and then sky. And floating grass would look really dumb so I put in the gray background, which I ended up doing twice. (August 4, 2006)

Mashed Potatos

It is around Thanksgiving and I suddenly had the idea. Originally it was just going to be the one potato but it didn't look right so I added more. Except they can't all be made out of the same thing. I used the moustaches first. Which were easy and looked good. Then I used the brown eyes. They worked, but they were hard. Next I tried the cigars but they were hard to use and didn't look good and then I suddenly realized that ears were an appropriate shade as well. Success. They worked well, better then the cigars. which I removed. And for an interesting note; this is the first spud that is supposed to be a spud, radical I know. (November 22, 2006)

Vampire Bat

I was thinking about Frankentuber and thought it would be cool if I made a Dracula too, although it turned into a bat instead of a Vampire. (October 7, 2007)

. . . Mime . . .

I think he's sort of cute. I modified Jailspud, (I didn't want to do those stripes again, they're obnoxious). (April 5, 2008)

Madame Witch

I like her warty nose, that's only the second time I've used the blue nose as a nose. I think the broom handle turned out well but the cat not so much but the whole things funny looking so why not leave it? (April 13, 2008)

The Scuba Diver

So I broke with tradition on this one. I actually but him on the background of a different playground. I feel a little guilty but really that was all I changed, and I mean really, he is a scuba diver and needed an ocean. I sort of like the sea urchins. (October 26, 2008)


For quite a while I had played with the idea of those overlapped ears as a braid. Then one day I made this Rapunzel but gave it up for no good. But then, when I made Reflections then I was looking at the old ones, and I opened it up and several people saw it and said "Rapunzel" so I figured it was at least recognizable. It is a little messy though, like I didn't fully block out the potato but I guess it will stay as is.


The reflections of a young spud in water. I was actually sort of surprised at how well it worked out. I am rather proud of the reflected mouth, the teeth are a bit more pointy but the effect works I think. I played around with having him sticking out his tounge at his reflection instead but I just liked those "eye" teeth. (June 24, 2009)

If you have any comments or just feel like emailing me because I am that cool my email is wshrike at, the coolest email address on the web, gmail.